• Fiona Phillips

Love magic - yes or no?

I had a recommendation on my Facebook page, lovely I thought. Only it wasn't for me, it was someone elses ad selling spellcraft services to get an ex back.

At first I was baffled (and to be honest a little irritated).

Then I began to think.

What do I feel about this kind of magic?

Once upon a time I used to offer to do spellcrafting on behalf of others. Over time though I came to see that the most powerful magic is that we weave for ourselves.

I believe that when we face a challenge we need to begin with non-magical tools. We begin with doing what we can to help ourselves. For instance if I want a new job there is not much point starting with a candle spell if I haven't updated my CV and searched local vacancies.

Once I've done as much as I can for myself then, should I need to, I can turn to magic. Here, also, I need to do the work. There are no "quick fixes" and attempting to find shortcuts can lead to undesired outcomes (I feel that all spells should have a "use with caution" warning attached!)

In order for a spell to have full potency we need to do the work. We need to decide on our spell, we need to gather our ingredients and tools, we need to take the time to put it all together and then we need to pour our energy and passion into it. All of this means that the force and focus of our gathered intention and energy is woven into the fabric of our spell.

With love magic I feel that special caution is needed. I don't believe in magical entrapping others through spellcraft. If you have read the novel Practical Magic or seen the movie you can see what might happen if we attempt to do this, with unhappy results! While that's a fictional account magic has a will of its own and while we may think we know what we are asking there is a generous spoonful of "be careful what you wish for" to be added in once the magic is underway. Magic is not a tame energy, it doesn't do our bidding, we can seek to channel it with out intentions and careful crafting but can take nothing for granted.

Take time when you are creating your spells, seek support or guidance if you are unsure of how to begin, enjoy the fun of creating magic, and trust your own skills for the actual spell crafting, you're a magical being and your own unique magic is waiting to be unlocked.

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