• Fiona Phillips

Salt & candles

I used to think magic was complicated, that I needed to have a host of "things" to help me create my rituals and magical practices. I thought that another oracle deck or a different herb would open up the mystery I was seeking to unlock.

It got to be quite exhausting, like chasing rainbows.

I was in the kitchen one day, musing while the kettle boiled, and thinking about how magic worked before internet shopping and social media posts.

I wondered what the witches of old might have done. I realised that for most they wouldn't have used that word. But they would have known the power of salt thrown over the shoulder, or a needle on thread to determine whether the new baby was a boy or girl.

I thought about what would be in a kitchen, readily available and to hand.

About salt and candles.

About herbs growing close to a backdoor, or an egg picked up from the henhouse, about water from a spring or a holey stone gathered from the seashore, half an oyster shell, lavender bags, vinegar, iron nails.

You can create elaborate rituals and at times the power of this creation supports us and our intentions. You can wait for the first quarter of the moon, on a Tuesday when its raining to carry out your magical work.

And you can grab your salt cellar, a household candle and a teaplate and get to work right now.

My most powerful wand is made from a stick I collected, I stripped the bark and tied a red thread around the handle. You don't need to wait to begin exploring your magical gifts, the tools you need are all around you.

Over the next week take stock of the magical tools in your home. What do you have that is already waiting to join you? Salt and pepper, a sturdy wooden spoon, mixed herbs, a stone from the beach, ginger, coffee grounds, vinegar?

How could you use these in your everyday magical journey?

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