• Fiona Phillips

Welcome to Global Village Witch

Magic is happening all around you, waiting to be discovered.

It hides in the spaces between things, seeping out through the cracks when we aren't paying attention.

It calls us in the gap between waking and sleeping, in the moment when we notice the brilliance of a daisy or the brightness of the moon.

In every moment magic waits to be discovered. The first step is to discover our own unique magic.

Our magic is woven into our DNA, it's the unique one-in-infinity combination that makes you a never-to-be-repeated miracle.

I want you to know that this magic is real, longing for you, calling you, waiting for you to unlock it.

I've been working with Spirit on my own magical path for as long as I can remember. I've journeyed through different spiritual traditions and practices for over four decades.

At Global Village Witch I'm creating tools and spaces as you uncover your own path to magic. Whether you identify yourself with a particular lineage or with none you're welcome.

Over the months to come I'll share practices which have supported me along the way. I'll be sharing these too in my newsletter, and you can sign up for this monthly e-newsletter here.

For now sit down with a cup of tea and use these prompts for cards or journalling:

  • What magic is waiting for me?

  • How can I begin to unlock my magic today?

  • What will help me as I step out on this journey?

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